At Christianson Financial we are dedicated to streamlining your wealth management journey, making it straightforward and convenient.

At Christianson Financial, we simplify our client's financial management decisions, and guide them in making positive choices to achieve financial security. Christianson Financial is committed to acting with honesty and integrity, developing strong bonds of trust, establishing value and creating lifelong relationships with our clients.

We place our clients' interests ahead of our own - without exception.

We take care of our clients like close family, and we know their financial success is our success. Christianson Financials' extensive wealth management network includes professionals and specialists in taxes and accounting, estate planning, law, insurance planning, banking, and credit. This makes us the destination for all of our clients' financial needs and solutions.

We help our clients prepare and protect themselves, their families, and their business from those life events that might impact their financial future. As detailed in the links below, our established process is comprised of five key planning components, and ensures a clear understanding and commitment to achieving goals and meeting expectations:


     Estate Planning

     Cash Flow Planning

     Tax Management

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*Investment products are provided by Aligned Capital Partners Inc. (ACPI). ACPI is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund ( and the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization ( For more information on ACPI, please click here.


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